2010 On the road to Minnesota travel blog

In line to board the ferry to Mackinac Island

The ferry made a big rooster tail behind the boat

The Old Round Island Lighthouse at the entrance to Mackinac Island -...

Another ferry to the island, with the Grand Hotel up on the...

New Lighthouse

Looking down Main Street - no motorized vehicles allowed

Bicycles everywhere!

Lilacs blooming in the park beneath Fort Mackinac

I wish you could smell the lilacs - they smell as beautiful...

On the waterfront on Mackinac Island

Mackinac Island Yacht Club - do you think they have a reciprocal...

Main Street was getting crowded

The only other transportation on the island besides walking or riding a...

Our ferry coming back from the mainland

Kites flying in front of one of the hotels

Looking at the island from the top deck of the ferry

New lighthouse in the front with Old Round Island Lighthouse in the...

The Grand Hotel

View of the Mackinaw Bridge from the ferry

Blondie enjoyed her ride on the ferry

View of the bridge from Mackinaw City

Old Mackinac Point Lighthouse

Old Mackinac Point LIghthouse with the Mackinaw Bridge in the background

Another beautiful sunset over the lake

We took the ferry to Mackinac Island. There are no motorized vehicles on the island. Many people bring their own bikes on the ferry, and there are plenty of bicycle rentals if you want to rent one. There are horse drawn carriage tours, horse drawn carriage taxi's, and some of the hotels have their own horse drawn carriages. The other way to get around is to walk. Since we had Blondie, that's what we did. It is a very dog friendly island with several dog friendly restaurants.

Part of the island is a state park where historic Ft. Mackinac is located. There are many beautiful private residences, hotels, and bed and breakfasts on the island. We were lucky to be there when the lilacs are in bloom. They normally don't bloom until the middle of June. There were several different colors of purple and some white lilacs. They all smelled wonderful!

The main street is lined with restaurants, souvenir shops, tee shirt shops, and Fudge Shops. It seemed like every other shop sold fudge!

After our return trip to the mainland, we stopped at a roadside park for a closer look at the Mackinaw Bridge and at the Old Mackinaw Point Lighthouse. The bridge goes across Mackinac Straits, where Lake Michigan and Lake Huran meet.

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