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Cyclops Baby

Kelby and 1500 year old NIca Stone Totem Poles

1500 year old NIca Stone Totem Poles

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Singing in the street

Well since it was such a long journey getting out of San Carlos. A 3 hr boat ride up from El Castillo and then a 5hr bus trip to go the 100km to Juigalpa. It is quite the road. So we decided to spend two nights in Juigalpa to wind down. And that is all you can do here as this is a quite farm town full of cowboys and maybe a lady of the night or two. But we have a nice hotel called the Arcangel that has air conditioning, free internet, water, hot water, etc.. that we are winding down in. Tommorrow we head to Managua and then Leon. We wanted to go to Matagalpa or Esteli from here but the only way is by going through Managua so since we have to go all the way to Managua we will continue on to Leon and venture to other plaes from there.

In Juigalpa there is a small museum that is worth seeing if you are here but not worth stopping for. They have some totem pole type stone carvings and potteries that are over 1000 years old or older. As well as some recent oddities such as a 9 month old fetus from 2000 that has no nose, and only one large eye in the center of its face. A cyclopes baby!! Also several other deformed animals such as a lamb with only one eye and a calf withtwo heads and 6 legs.

More updates when we hit Leon.


P.S. If in Juigalpa the Milenio Hotel has small and dirty rooms but is cheap. Tha Casa Country is more money but worth it, and the Arcangel has all the modern creature comforts but you pay more.


Well i made it through all those boats rides, from ferries to fast boats , to fishing boats, boats to take us into the jungle and back out of the jungle, to the slow boat to continue on our adventure. The least i can say is alot of people knew i did not like boats and were very comforting to me not to worry about anything. all those boat rides were worth it though, scary for me , but worth it. El Castillo , the town on the edge of the jungle was great. We had our new friend from California and the couple from Australia with us on the jungle tour and that made the trip even better. we meet them waiting for the ferry . we also had some friends from Oregon, Mike, Russ, and Greg. in El Castillo at the same time as us. Meeting new people and living the experience at the same time as them is exciting to me. and I almost forgot Peter. He was from Holland. We had to say good bye to our new friends and continue on our journey after El Casttillo. But the things we did in El castillo was amazing and great. the camin hunting at night with the spanish speaking guy. he was crazy, laying on his belly , reaching into the water for these camin, catching them and bringing them on the boat so we could hold them. unbelievable! he also took billy , the kids and me fishing the next day to catch Tarpon. it was alot of fun too. too bad we did not catch one though, but still had fun. we also ran out of money there, that was interesting and memorable. they don´t have banks there or atm machines and only one place took credit cards and we didn´t know that till the night we were leaving, so supper was on the credit card! after starving for the day .grandma at least found and bought all of us an empanada and a banana each for lunch, although she did get the biggest empanada , grandma was our life saver. leaving on the slow boat out of the jungle area and continuing on was an experience in itself. to stop and pick up all these locals and pack as many people on the boat as you can. unbelievable. they are so poor here. the house that they call home , is not much of anything really. when we first got on a chicken bus heading this way , i had to control my self from crying, i didn´t want the bus driver and workers who help people on and off the bus , to see me get all emotional. but as you drive and see there farms or homes or just how they live is something else. they are such caring and beautiful people. giving up a seat to let an elderly lady seat down, as she walked to the bus with her stick for a cane and the young gentle man with braids in his hair helping her onto the bus ( basically lifting or pushing her up the bus steps) they just are simple and beautiful people here in Nicaragua. working the fields the way my granny and grandpa had told us there stories are still happening today in nicaragua or maybe even worse then they had it in the olden days. the bus ride to juigalpa was hard and a long journey. but again to see the farming communities and what i think is an abandoned place i then see people or children inside that building , so not abandoned , it is there house, there home. unbelievable. they don´t really have a road, it is so bumpy it makes you sick to your stomach on the bus going at a very slow pace.then you get to a bridge and it is a couple planks across and the bus makes it, thankfully. and where the bridge is really not good the bus decides to go through the river, once almost not making it.but i must say our bus driver was an amazing driver and they too cared about us gringos on the bus,, they even got one of the guys to escort us to our hotel once we got to juigalpa, that is caring about travellers not part of his job at all. while on that bus ride the police did a search in bags looking for whatever but the friendly bus guys smiled and told the police in there language not to worry about the canadians, i guess we didn´t look like bad people. we do get stared at wherever we venture though. 6 white people, three adults and three kids, i guess we definitley must stick out. it is all fun and the kids are loving it. it is too bad we are on our last week in nicaragua. we still have lots planned so till next time.


ps at this hotel we are staying at it has 3 parrots. and they talk it is soo cute, and that is was hunter wanted to see in nica, a talking bird, now she has. she also wanted t see monkeys and she seen lots of those too. the kids are great travellers , nothing stops them and there is no compliants about anything, they are open minded and will try new stuff without any problem at all.Good job my girls.

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