Florida Keys 2010 travel blog

Bridge just south of Long Key

Close up of bridge

Campsites along beach at Long Key SP

Our camp

Long Key sunset

Figuring out the dump device. This was a suprise Christmas gift for...

The filled container holds 120 pounds of water which is too heavy...

So using Anne's bike makes the chore easy! (Tom is always an...

A walk on the Golden Orb trail.

A tidal lagoon.

Cooking up a storm.

Weaving on Anne's loom

Another end of a typical day in paradise.

Ready for an early morning paddle.

It was windy for a few days, but this morning was perfect.




Sun's rays at the end of another day.

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Kayaking at Long Key

We left Greg's around 10 on Wednesday morning. The new GPS got us right on the Turnpike without getting lost as we had done the last time we attempted this navigation. Anne really likes this Christmas present! There was not as much construction on the Overseas Highway (US 1) once we got to Key Largo so the trip down through the Keys was not as slow as it had been two years ago. We arrived at Long Key State Park early in the afternoon even after stopping to mail our property tax and a 50th birthday card for our Webster mailman, Jimmy. We set up a minimal camp since we would have to drive to Marathon (about 20 miles further south) to pick up our rental car. An already prepared and frozen Moroccan Chicken Soup was a hardy dinner since it was still a bit chilly from the extended cold spell that had gripped the East Coast and had set record lows in Florida. A great number of dead fish caused by this cold had washed in with the tide and littered the shore.

The next day, we were surprised to learn that Enterprise would actually come to pick us up and we would not need to drive the RV to get the car! The renting process did take a long morning, but now we have mobility. In Marathon which is a big town, Tom bought some lumber at Home Depot to set up his hammock. We also got some pink gulf shrimp - the best in the world!

It was quite windy as the warm front began its approach. During the week we settled into a lazy routine and when the wind subsided, we went out on two early morning kayak paddles.

With the car, we were able to return to Marathon to do a load of very expensive laundry ($6.50). We also decided that we would eat out that night and did so at Annette's where Anne had lobster and Tom had prime rib. There was enough of Tom's meal to have leftovers the next night.

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