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Sign outside Cowboy Museum

Cowboy Museum

Painting of Matt Dillon (Gunsmoke) and Miss Kitty's dress

Statue at entrance to Rodeo section of museum

Statue of Ronald Reagan

Schoolroom in similate western town at Cowboy Museum

Blacksmith Shop in similated town

Statue of John Wayne at Cowboy Museum

Architects drawing of Oklahoma City Memorial

9:01 Gate at Memorial

Reflecting pond with gate at one end

Memorial chairs

Living Tree - this treee survived the bombing where everything around it...

Children's area at Memorial and entrance to the Museum

This has been a very enjoyable stop for us. Jane Maytubby who had been very active in our church moved to Oklahoma City a year and a half ago. I had contacted her to let her know we would be here from Sunday to Wednesday. She invited us to go to her church Sunday evening for their Hanging of the Greens service. We went and thouroughly enjoyed the service. It was more like a cantata. The music was wonderful. Jane is singing in the choir and the choir did most of the service. There were readings and the greens were hung. At one point during the service all the children came up with gold balls and decorated the Christmas tree.

Monday we went to the Cowboy Museum. What a wonderful place. It was huge. It really gave a good history and told the story of the cowboys - truths and myths. There was also a section on the actors who played cowboys. Some of the tooling on the saddles was exquisite. There were also many pieces of art with spectacular views of the west.

In the evening we went to Jane & Lonnie's home for a delicious supper. It was fun catching up with each other.

Today we had a repair service come to look at our gas water heater that isn't working. It turns out it is a valve that needs replacing and they couldn't get the part until tomorrow. Since we're leaving here tomorrow we told them not to order it and we will have it repaired while we are in Arizona. Fortunately the electric element is working so we are not without hot water.

By the time we were able to get out to the Oklahoma City Memorial it was late and we only had time to view the grounds and not go into the museum. It was a beautiful and a symbolic tribute to all who died that day as well as those who survived and the myriad of workers that responded to help. There are 68 memorial chairs that are arranged in rows by the floor the person each represents was on when the bomb went off. These chairs are arranged on the footprint of the building. The street has been closed off and there is now a reflecting pool where the street had been. There is a large gate at either end of the reflecting pool. One had 9:01 on it, reflecting the minute before the bomb went off, representing innocence; the other had 9:03 on it, reflecting the minute after the bomb went off, representing that life here had changed forever. The reflecting pool in between represents the time between when all was changing. There is a park ranger at the site who explains the symbolism of everything there. It was very well done and very moving. Especially sad was to see the small chairs representing the children in the day care center who perished.

Tomorrow we leave Oklahoma City and head to Amarillo, TX. Up until now the weather has held out quite well. We had a little snow and a few days of rain in Independence but since then it has been quite comfortable. We've only had a few days that we've had to use our winter coats. I think that's about to change. The weather report is for rain with a little snow mixed in for tonight and tomorrow a.m. - behind it a big temperature drop. The drop in temps. goes all the way back west to where we are headed. Oh well, it had to catch up to us at some point.

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