2009 Spring 2 Fall travel blog

Andy tees off

Dad and Austin

they've got the right body language

Mom and Kielyn

Austin teeing off

believe it or not, the whole family is in this picture

Grandma and Grandpa

now this is the way to play golf!

Kielyn and Grandpa after a good sprinkler run

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Dad & Austin

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Austin shoots for the pin

(MP4 - 2.69 MB)

Austin's drive shot

(MP4 - 2.27 MB)

Austin shoots for the green

Some last minute preparations - Saturday and Sunday, April 4 and 5

Saturday, April 4: We spent Saturday putting the finishing touches on our final preparation - stocking up on groceries and cleaning out all the bins and cupboards. Now we’re ready to go at last, and Monday we’ll take off with the kids for a couple of days before leaving on our longer journey and heading north.

Sunday, April 5: We spent Sunday hanging out and running errands until late afternoon, then we all loaded up and drove to the golf course to watch Andy and Austin play in a kid/parent tournament. This was my first chance ever to drive a golf cart, something everyone should do at least once before they die.

We started out with three golf carts, Andy and Austin in the important one, Viki and Kielyn following them in another cart, and Madolyn and me following in the third cart. Driving on the paths is OK but it’s when you get off the paths that it gets to be more fun. Half way through the nine hole course, Kielyn and Madolyn switched carts and for the rest of the way Kielyn and I terrorized the course - doing un-golferlike things, such as stopping to pick up balls that weren’t ours ( a definite NO-NO!) and driving through the sprinklers (a definite blast)!

In fact driving through the sprinklers was so much fun that Kielyn wanted to go hunting for sprinklers just to drive through. The tournament ended with Andy and Austin beating the pair they golfed with, and turning in a respectable score for the day. Back home we ended the night watching the Academy of Country Music Awards show, and cheered on Carrie Underwood to an Entertainer of the Year award.

Tomorrow it’s off camping with the kids, which should be another fun filled couple of days.

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