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Sucre from an aerial viewpoint

Sucre´s picturesque main plaza

Tim get´s ready for the dino-ride to see dino-foot-prints

The wall full of dinosaur footprints

Brontosaurus tracks!

Cretacious Park

Tim --

OK, so after discussing the dual capitals of Bolivia at length, I think I finally get it: most of the government agencies conduct business in La Paz, but the constitutional capital and the seat of the judiciary meet in Sucre. Settled.

As always, Ravi located the requisite aerial view. After a bit of high-altitude uphill strolling, we arrived at a mirador with great views of the city. We were tuckered out by the time we got to the top of the hill, so we took our time to enjoy the view of town.

Later that day, Ravi and I visited one of Sucre´s main attractions: Cretaceous Park! Famous for its wall of dinosaur footprints (mud turned to shale and heaved up by tectonic plates to a nearly vertical wall), Cretaceous Park also offered convenient pick-up service from the main plaza in a truck dressed up in Dino-drag. I´ve seen pictures of dinosaur footprints in textbooks, but I´ve never seen dino tracks up close before. Unfortunately, after visiting the park, I still hadn´t seen them up close. I left wishing I´d brought my binoculars, but from a distance, I could see what definitely may have once been brontosaurus footprints. Kind of cool, but a bit of a tourist trap.

Sucre was a quick stop for us, but as always, we found a nice square to spend some time. This square is apparently the cool place for the young crowd to hang out, and by young, I mean about 15 years old. We sat on a bench enjoying the square and quickly realized our sitting place was being crowded out by our Bolivian Tweens and Teens hanging out by the statues. Consequently, dinner came shortly after.

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