Lexi and Hiro's Round The World Journey 2008-2009 travel blog

our tour guide, Apah on the top of the boat

lexi on the canopy walk

a view from the top of Bukit Teresek

lexi in the aboriginal village

a boy showing us how to make fire

Hiro at Lubok Simpon, a swimming hole

having a rest at aboriginal hut

natural jungle swing!!

On the second day in Taman Negara, We met our local tour guide, Apah again in the morning to do Jungle trekking. The highlight of the trekking is the world-longest cannopy walk (520m)thorough the jungle. Lexi is affraid of the height, so we weren't sure if we could complete this. Hiro started first and Lexi was to follow 5m after him. Hiro was already at the first platform, while Lexi was still at the start hesitating, but she managed to start it and reached the first platform. She realised that this cannopy walk is one way only, and she couldn't turn back. She had no choice but to keep going. However more we proceeded, she's got quicker and relaxed more. It was set up so high and swinging a lot, I was even bit scared. I am proud of her that she's done it, and she was even quicker than me at the end!!

After the cannopy walk, we started to climb up to Bukit Teresek, a mountain with beautiful views over the jungle. It was hard work in hot and humid weahter, and we decided to take the local way cutting up through the montain rather than taking a boring tourist staircase way. It was very steep, Apah was going so quick, I was trying hard to follow him. It all paid off when we reached the top, we were delighted with views looking over Taman Negara, the jungle seemed to go on forever. Apah, again with his great knowledge of the area, showed us many stuff, such as a plant that is used as antiseptic, ants that we can eat, where to hide, how to communicate if get lost in jungle etc..

In the afternoon, we went through rapid shooting to get to the Orang Asli Village, aboriginal tribe of Malaysia. We got soaking wet by the time we got there!! People in this village still continue to have such primative ways of living, and we were quite intrigued to see it. Houses here were made out of dried palm fronds and bamboos. Mens go for hunting and women cooks and look after the village. Apparently they were really shy, and they all went back in the huts when we arrived, but a young boy, who is used to tourists, showed us how to start the fire, weapons, blow pipes and stuff like that.

We decided to stay an extra night there as we loved this place. On the third day we didn't do much, just relaxed and enjoyed being there. We did the short walk to a swimming hole, quite similar to Mossman Gorge but without crowds.

We had a lovely time in Taman Negara and were lucky with the weather, didn't get rained on at all!! Apparently this place is famous for leeches when wet. We even saw a few other guys getting bitten. Thanks to the weather and our preparation we did not get any.

We headed back to KL for one night to fly to Langkawi Island!!

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