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Mistletoe in the mesquite trees

Imperial Sand Dunes in the distance

Mexican bathroom attendant

Our dentist office

Shrimp tacos

Live music

Typical street


More border lights

Border tower in camo

Old dam

Original dam in full

Castle Dome Rock 80 miles away

leaving Mexico

Castle Dome Rock 20 miles away

Castle Dome Rock bordering Yuma Proving Ground

The blimp

In retirement nothing is set in stone. So, about mid morning our destination WAS Imperial Sand Dunes. California's agricultural green is beautiful to one's eyes. The fields are lined with rows of vegetables and grains, picture perfect. I-10 had taken us only as far as Blythe, California so we were glued to the new scenery. About half way there, Corky says how far is it to Mexico. Well, I'll be, there's a county road going straight south close to the border entrance. It seems Corky needs an adjustment to his new glasses.

There are smaller(?) military installations in multiple locations in these deserts. If you're not paying close attention, you could miss them. In the air above us, a formation of helicopters impressed us with their maneuvers. Not long after, here came the jets. Thank goodness for our military from the Chocolate Mountains.

As we drove along , the soil noticably changed from sandy dirt to beautiful white sand. One of these days we'll return to Imperial Valley and the Dunes. Did you notice how high they are? I'm looking forward to touring the date palm groves.

I'm pretty sure the glasses adjustment was an opportunity to eat some more fabulous Mexican food. We started with a shrimp taco from the street vendor-three large shrimp wrapped in a corn tortilla with all the condiments available. A small dish of limes cut in 1/8ths is served with each meal! and beer!

We shared a table in the courtyard with another full timing couple, more years under their belt than us. They were fun to chat with and, of course, adding more knowledge to our brain. While waiting on the glasses adjustment, Corky felt a plate of nachos(fiesta style) calling him. The restaurant was located in a bright,sunny courtyard with LIVE music. To quote my father-in-law,"They were the best nachos I've ever had in my whole life".

Locals say the winter weather is approaching. We can easily handle a daytime low of 64 degrees. Last night dropped to 47 degrees; when the sun rises, the temps quickly rise. It remains warm enough to wear shorts and short sleeves; that's all that matters!

I had a moment of digression day before yesterday. I arose saying,"I need to do something constructive with this day". As I was multi-tasking in my spastic work mode, I dropped a coffe cup, shattering it. With that, calm Corky threw up his arms saying,"I knew when you got up making declarations, this was not gonna be a good day". For those of you that know me, look out when I get spastic! I'm trying desparately to slow down; limit the to do lists.

For tonight, so long.

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