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Entering Green River

About a year ago a good friend returned from a Yellowstone vacation with his family. He loves trivia and came back with one I remember. "Why were the buffalo and the American Indian so perfect for each other?....The buffalo is the only primate with a single lung! A properly launched arrow into the lung would fell the 800 lb beast and feed the tribe for a week." Soooo, what does that have to do with this? Being a primate with one "working" lung, today's ride was perfect. It was virtually all downhill....descending 1700 feet over 67 miles. The drugs are starting to work and I am starting to feel the airways open up...whoopee. We actually averaged over 17 mph and were in by 12:00. Called the family in Platteville to offer Father's Day thoughts and sat down for a delightful lunch then a nap....Life's little pleasures. A lot of the group are off river rafting for the afternoon...I decided to not push my luck...:).

Now, also with extra time, the next profile:

Wayne Poulton,

Wayne (56) is a retired accident invesigator for the Welsh Provincial Police Force. This is his first visit in America. He continues his accident investigator role now as a consultant for a large law firm so he is able to schedule his time to cycle. He is proud to be British...but he will not admit to being English, since they have long thought of Wales as "gift" for the next heir to the throne. He and his wife have three grown sons that he cycles with and is delighted to be young enough to ride with them. He is the steady pacesetter for our group...he can keep the same speed for hours. He is riding to raise money for his local Heart Association.

Tomorrow is a longer ride day (97 miles) but not much climbing so I am excited to continue. We will be leaving Utah and entering Colorado (we could faintly see the outline of the approaching Rockies).


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