Fall 2007 travel blog

This trip went very well. We followed I-20 to I-10 and are now poised to continue thru El Paso.

Campground (Mt. View) is OK. Passport rates apply or I don't think we would stay here. WIFI is good but we put up our own antenna for the TV.

Our luck is still holding - as we set up the front landing gear stopped working. It started clicking as it did when we set up in Goshen last spring. Not sure what was going on but I got it up high enough to get the truck unhooked. The RV is a bit out of level but I don't want to mess with it right now.

The Chuy's Cafe (Mexican food) claim to fame is that it is in the Madden Hall of Fame. I need to see what that was all about so we went there Monday for lunch. Here is the story:

Madden (my least favorite football sportscaster) doesn't fly. He has a big RV bus and travels from game to game that way. Has drivers, of course. Anyway, it was Monday night and he was going along I-10 from TX to CA or somewhere. They were hungry and his TV in the bus didn't work. They saw this sign for Chuy's Cafe and decided to stop and eat. He loved the food, they had a big TV where he could watch the game, so they stayed the night in Van Horn. After that he had some interview with big magazine and told them about Van Horn and Chuy's Cafe. Then he featured it on some special he had. So now everytime he comes thru I-10 he calls ahead and they put out a big spread for him. His picture is everywhere and they even have a chair just for him with his name on it.

We also stopped at the Van Gogh museum. It is a junk shop with a bunch of paintings by a guy named Ran Horn (who lives in Van Horn??). Lots of books and very dusty "stuff". Came home and read a book.

We will be leaving as soon as it is light for El Paso and will stay in Deming, NM, tonight. We need our SKP fix. See you there!!

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