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A cathederal along the road to Mont-Jolie - built 1768

A cathederal along the road to Mont-Jolie - built 1768

After a quick breakfast we headed out of Quebec city hoping to get a few miles under our belts before the heat got too intense but by 9:00 AM it was already in the mid 20's and rising quickly. The humidity is very high here and 30C feels more like 35C.

We took a secondary road that runs along the south bank of the St. Lawrence River. Once again the road was very picturesque as it wound through small towns and farm land dotted with ancient houses and barns.

We had noted quite a few campgrounds along the way and decided to pick up some groceries for supper so we could camp. There was a provincial park shown at La-Bic which we thought we would try. Unfortunately the campground at La-Bic was full so we carried on north east hoping to come across another.

We did find a couple of campgrounds but they were RV parking lots and crammed with RVs. We finally came up on a campground right on the highway that at least had some grass to pitch the tent on. After preparing ourselves a good home cooked meal of Atlantic salmon we hit the hay about 10:00 PM expecting to get a good rest so we could head out early to New Brunswick. Well.....

The tent was pitched no more than 50 feet from the highway and apparently this is a major truck route as we had semis rolling through the tent all night long. (At least it sounded and felt like they were comming through the tent.) Just as you started to doze of you awoke with a start as a truck roared past shaking the ground. I can normally sleep through anything but this was even too much for me. Needless to say neither of us got much sleep. What a night!

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