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Lake Georgetown

Lake Georgetown

Rocks and Flowers

Rocks and Tree at Edge of Lake

Verbenas at Edge of Lake

Rocky Point


This morning I tried to upload my photo of the McClendons to my Web page, but the system was extremely slow and it finally just hung up. I was running out of Internet time, so I gave up. On the way to Lake Georgetown I stopped at a rest area which has WiFi service so I could try again. I had to try twice there but finally got the photo uploaded.

While I was at the rest stop, I ate a snack and then continued on to Lake Georgetown where I will spend the next two nights in the Cedar Breaks Park. My trip today was very short -- only 36 miles. Cedar Breaks is a nice park, heavily wooded mostly with cedar trees. Each site is paved and has a covered picnic table, grill and fire ring. I've seen more bluebonnets here than anywhere else this spring.

Late this afternoon I took a walk around the campground and along the shore of the lake. It is very rocky but has a great variety of plant life among the large rocks. Across the lake I could see Jim Hogg Park, which is twice the size of Cedar Breaks. Along the way I saw a couple from Corsicana sitting by their table with a nice little campfire. The man had cut the legs off an old grill to make a cute little fire pit. We had a nice visit.

Farther on, I saw another Lazy Daze the same color as mine! I knocked on the door but no one was at home so I left them a note. I hope I'll get to meet them tomorrow.

After I had completed my rounds, I went to the campsite directly across from mine to chat with that couple, who had helped me find this nice site when I first arrived. They also had a nice campfire going. They invited me to sit and visit. Then, much to my surprise, the man went over to their table and brought me a plate of grilled shrimp and veggies! I didn't know they hadn't eaten. I had seen them out there when I left for my walk, so I thought they had eaten then. Yikes! They insisted that I eat with them because they had plenty of food. For 'dessert' I made some root beer floats. I was glad that I had something to share. They thanked me over and over for visiting them and for the floats.


This morning I went to Austin for my last chiropractic adjustment for a while. On the way out of Austin I stopped at CVS Pharmacy to get snacks for the Cen-Tex LoW campout this week end, as well as a few other things. Then I headed back to Georgetown to get a much-needed haircut at Maggie's. This time Pat did the honors. She was fast and very good. My hair actually seemed to be obedient. The acid test will be tomorrow morning when I'm taking care of it! Before heading back to the campground I fed Sweet Pea ($3.299). Now I'm set for the trip tomorrow to Tow.

Upon my return to the park, I drove through the picnic area to see the bluebonnets that the gate attendant had mentioned yesterday. Alas! There were no bluebonnets; the purple flowers were actually verbenas.

After dinner I went back to the other Lazy Daze in the park in hopes of meeting the owners. This time I was in luck. They are Terry and Karen Reitz of Round Rock, who are members of the Lazy Dazers South Central, but have not yet attended a rally. Their daughter, son-in-law and cute little grandson were in the campsite next to them.

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