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Lucerne Cruise

Pink Horse Chestnut (rear)

Nightclub In Lucerne

Verona Market

Our tour guide knows the names of all the trees, which is a real bonus. I had been trying to identify one tree that is everywhere in Europe in blossoms of white or pink. No-one could tell me until Irene named them as horse chestnuts. She is Swiss born, and this morning we are in her home town of Lucerne. We are off to Mt Pilatus today, but the weather has closed in so it may be a whiteout again. That would be compensated for by the boat ride on Lake Lucerne last night. The water was like glass, it was very cold, but the mountains were visible and spectacular. The captain, a tall, thin man, was captain, steward, commentator and travel guide all rolled into one. It was a wonderful evening, and especially as we had been on a power launch in Venice in the morning, on our way to the mainland to join our coach. A sandwich day with boat rides at each end. On the way here, Lucerne, we passed the race track of Monza, and had a bonus stopover in Verona, to view Romeo and Juliet's balcony. There, in the market square, we were able to buy beautiful fresh fruit. The Pink Lady apples were finished, but I got a juicy royal gala one. The cherries were only about ten dollars a kg, so we shared a small bag of those. The fruit market sold fruit as good as our best fruit at home. We did not feel up to washing it in the public fountain, though. We bought bottled water instead, but every one of the locals just walks up to the water fountains and drinks from their hands, some even have a quick wash under the running water. I am off to find Tash. She has met some nice friends on the tour, and last night we all ate in a traditional restaurant, before I left them, and they went to the rooftop bar for drinks. Tash said it was such a good evening, but she is a bit the worse for wear today. I fed her a honey roll and cherries and she is grabbing a few extra minutes' sleep. Our hay ride was cancelled this morning, due to the bad weather, so we have a few precious hours to ourselves. I am off to wash my hair. My cold is much better, and we are looking forward to London, and home soon. Onward to Paris. On the way from Lucerne, to Paris, we travelled through William Tell country, and Irene told us the history of his struggle. When he shot the apple from his son's head, he was carrying two arrows. When the oppressor asked him what the second arrow was for, he replied, "If I missed the apple on my son, and he was hurt, the second arrow was for you." Tash was suffering. Fortunately, we had the back seat, and she stretched out. Irene's commentary sounded shrill whilst Tash tried hard not to be ill or pee-there was an understanding that the on-board toilet was almost verboten, which was uncomfortable at times.

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