2007 Pacific Coast Trip travel blog

Crazy Mountains in Montana

Mountains in Montana

Continental Divide on I-90 near Butte, MT

Our Lady of the Rockies near Butte, MT

The Big Stack near Anaconda, MT

The drive along I-90 between Hardin and Butte, MT is beautiful. We passed the Bear Tooth Mountains, Crazy Mountains and the Absaroka Mountains. I love the story of the Crazy Mountains. They used to be called Crazy Woman Mountains. They were called Crazy Woman because a woman traveling with a wagon train went insane. They found her body near these mountains. Near Butte we saw Our Lady of the Rockies high on a hill above the city. In Anaconda we could see the Big Stack from the interstate. At 585 feet, it is the largest freestanding brick structure on earth.

Here are a couple of trivia bits for you. In Montana there are more cows than people. For every one person there are three cows. In South Dakota, you can buy liquor at Wal-Mart.

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