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At the Yucatan Inspection

Uxmal Visitor Center

Restaurant for Dinner at Uxmal

We drove to Uxmal (pronounced"oosh-mahl") today. This was a short drive of 108 miles; but, in Mexico even 100 miles can take three to four hours. We drove along ahead with Hutch & Margrita and we both fueled up at Pemex; diesel is still in the equivalent $2.00 / gallon range.

We stopped briefly at a turn-out, about a half-mile long to visit the handcraft vendors. We didn't see anything we couldn't live without. The inventory consisted mostly of hammocks, rope chairs, and other little trinkets as well as a variety of mystery canned goods.

We rolled on and waited for our caravan at about the two-thirds point of our journey. We left the state of Campeche and entered the state of Yucatan, our fifth state during this trip. We also had the dreaded military and agriculture inspection again. This is all luck-of-the-draw and, today, we were lucky. Even so, we had gone through our food-concealing ritual before we left Campeche.

We went through an area of pretty ugly road conditions due to construction and, finally, made the turn into our parking area. We are all crammed into a small parking lot and we hope we don't asphyxiate each other with our generators. It is very warm and one could cut the humidity with a knife. Lots of bug spray needed here too.

We did some more shopping in the general area. There is really no town at Uxmal, just the ruins, several upscale hotels, and restaurants. A row of cart vendors were peddling T-shirts and embroidered dresses and blouses. Their sales style was a bit more aggressive than we've experienced here so far; however, a nice t-shirt could still be had for $5. It was fun to haggle with them for the few souvenirs we bought.

We had our usual social hour and tour briefing and we went to dinner at one of the local restaurants. The food was quite good.

Our entertainment for the evening was a Sound and Light Show, performed at the ruins. We had headsets with English translation. It was a somewhat low-tech presentation lasting about 45 minutes. The theme of the show was the Mayan reverence and belief in the rain god "Chaac" to provide moisture for the crops, a wedding scenario, and warfare. OK!, but not spectacular.

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