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One of those welcome free days today, we struck out with Hutch & Margrita on a tour of Cancun. By almost any standard, this is a really young city, nothing more than a small sand barrier some thirty years ago. Then, planning and development began and Cancun grew into a vacation haven.

Cancun is a coastal city and a thin, long island (roughly shaped like the number 7) connected to the mainland on the north and south ends. Occupying the island is the famous Hotel Zone which can be reached by the main and only thoroughfare, Kukulcan Blvd.. Just imagine scores of elegant resorts, hotels with opulent lobbies, condos, glitzy shopping malls, and restaurants surrounded by water and beach......and you have a vision of Cancun.

After gawking at all this glitz and glamor for a while, we headed back to the mainland where the downtown area offers an alternative atmosphere, lower prices, and is home to the folks who make all the island paradise work.

Without a map or a wrong turn, Hutch, amazingly, landed us right in Wal-Mart's parking lot. Margrita spied a nice Mexican restaurant and we had a wonderful lunch there. I can't remember the name now but it sounded something like El Porton. Then, we did the obligatory shopping at Wal-Mart to stock up on groceries.

At our tour briefing, we got the disappointing news from the Fantasy staff that we couldn't go to Paamul because there wasn't enough room for all of us. It seems people love it so much there, they refused to leave and just bought the sites.

Tonight, we had our group dinner and the bus collected us and transported us to the Hotel Zone, where we had a really good dinner at Mocambos. The musicians were serenading from a distance and we saw the lovely sight of the moon being eclipsed by the earth. Our tables were right on the water covered by the palapa-style huts so popular down here.

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