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Patchwork of fields, Palouse Valley ID

Canola Field, Palouse Valley ID

Wheat Field, Palouse Valley ID

From Missoula we crossed into Idaho, over a mountain pass that provided lovely views and a few hair-raising curves and grades, but as we were on the Interstate, they weren't as bad as some we've encountered. We drove to Coeur d'Alene, which is a lovely town, built around an amazing lake. Clearly water activities are the main summer entertainment around here.

We drove around the lake and through an area of farms and hills - the Palouse Valley. The lake itself is very nice and surrounded by lake-side houses. The best part of the drive, however, was the Palouse Valley. If you haven't visited this area, you must. It actually extends south, to and through Moscow, and over into eastern Washington. It's a patchwork quilt of rolling hills of dark green grass, with fields of golden hay (at this time of year cut, but not all baled) and bright yellow canola. The cut hay makes geometric patterns on the hills and fields and the canola (sometimes in a field abutting a field of green grass or cut hay) is like a carpet of brilliant yellow. We were entranced and kept stopping to take pictures. I guess the locals are used to it, because no one stopped to see what we were doing. Fortunately there wasn't too much traffic, because I think we occasionally wandered all over the road while the driver looked at the scenery. But, I have to say, coming around a curve and seeing a field of solid yellow canola flowers is pretty astonishing.

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