Glenda's Adventures with Daisy 2006-07 travel blog

Birthday Honoree, Glenda Alexander


Bluebonnets Along Fence Row

Flowers and Trees Beside Pond

Meadow of Yellow Flowers

White and Yellow Flowers along Roadside




This morning Jan and I left Potter's Creek Park around 11:00 and caravanned to Tow for the Cen-Tex LoW campout on Lake Buchanan. The only stop along the way was for fuel. We saw several nice stands of wildflowers along the highway and in the fields. There seemed to be more bluebonnets up here than farther south. Upon arriving at the Hi-Line Lake RV Resort about 1:30, we ate lunch in my rig before we finished setting up camp. We were really hungry.

Due to the drought, the lake is several feet below normal and doesn't look quite so pretty as it did last year. Farther south there has been more rain so those lakes have risen a lot -- none of them full yet, though.

Tonight I was the only April birthday honoree present. Val made a delicious carrot cake for the occasion.


This morning nearly everyone went on a drive in the country around Tow to see the wildflowers. We were greatly rewarded. Bluebonnets were more abundant in this area than farther south. There were many other species, too, so it was a good trip. We also saw some llamas, a very cute little donkey and a buffalo. The buffalo wouldn't turn so that I could get a good shot of him.

After the country tour several of us drove over to Llano to the annual crawfish festival in the city park. There were a number of vendors selling everything from beer to baubles and beads. A Cajun band provided the music. It was great fun. Jan was our champion crawfish eater. She knows exactly how to get the shells off to get to the meat.

After everyone had returned to the campground, we had our business meeting. We voted to return to this campground again next April. It is a good location for country drives.

Dinner tonight was at Jessie's Hungry Hunter Restaurant in nearby Llano. Llano is the county seat of Llano County and is known as the Deer Capital of Texas. It is a nice little town situated on the spring-fed Llano River. The entire downtown square is designated a National Historic District. It is the only place in this country where llanite is quarried. Llanite is a special type of granite with white specks.


Today some of our members had to leave early. Regina needed to do her "grandmotherly thing" and go to her twin granddaughters' dance recital. Mary Jo had to take her dog to the vet. She learned from him that the dog food she was using has been added to the recall list.

We ate some leftovers for lunch and then several members went to a nearby winery for a tour. Others went to Llano to a book sale at the public library. Their paperbacks were priced at an irresistible ten cents each. Still others had played golf or gone fishing. A few of us stayed behind in the clubroom. I took my computer over there to try to access the Internet but was unsuccessful. A couple of others who live in the park tried to help me, but they didn't know what to do either. After a while Sam came in and let me use his computer for a little while, which I really appreciated. I just hope that everything will work alright while I'm in Austin for the next two days.

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