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Mont Aigoual ?

Snow. No really !?

Le Vigan Bridge

Bon Nuit

This was to be the day I was to climb Mont Aigoual, from where you can see almost a third of France, including the Alps. It's just shy of 1500m but unfortunately due to the conditions I only made it up the two Cols of the Cevennes National Park, both at about 1350m. I've included a picture of the view of the Mont from the first Col. As you can see visibility was zero. It also happened to bloody freezing, wet, extremely windy and if I think about it quite dangerous. There was also snow and to think, I'm probably only a day away from the Med?!

It was also the most exhillerating day of my tour. I was cold, couldn't feel my feet or my hands but the climbs kept me warm and the descents were unbelievable. I was inches away from shear drops and couldn't see the next bend till I was on it but boy oh boy what a feelng. The final descent to Le Vigan was switch-back after switch-back and was over 20km long. I was flying !

Decided to call it day at Le Vigan and visited the Museum of Cevennes. Really interesting but the one thing of note was a wooden kennel-like hut that was on show. This is what the local sheperds would lug around and sleep in at night. Having experienced the conditions this region can throw at you at first-hand, all I can say is that these men defined the word 'tough'!

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