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blowin' in the wind

windblown live oaks

more windblown trees


more pelicans


more flowers

blooming cactus

A strong south wind added two mpg to our gas mileage as we left the Rio Grande Valley and drove north just past Corpus Christi. We are camped in a smaller version of our previous campsite just a few miles from the sea. After the activity whirlwind we were in the last month, it's eerily quiet. We won't be doing any dancing, pot lucking, or tennis playing here. We were surprised to note that the bulletin board advertised trips to visit the sights we have just finished seeing in our month in the Rio Grande Valley. It makes me wonder what sorts of sights are worth seeing here...

This campground is almost full and we were given a choice of two impossible to get into sites. We gave up on the first site when a tree ripped off some molding from our roof seam. After much struggle and plenty of kibitzing from campers nearby, Ken threaded the needle between trees, fences, light poles, other rigs, parked cars, etc. and eased himself into our new home site for the next few days. A little glue on that roof molding and we were almost as good as new.

A drive along the sea provided graphic evidence that it is as windy here as where we just came from. The live oak trees have wrapped themselves around the homes they are planted near, tipped over at nearly a 45ยบ angle from the constant buffeting of the wind. Some of areas of the coast here are quite lah-di-dah with exclusive housing developments where everyone has a driveway on one side for their car and a canal on the other side of their boat. But for the most part our route today took us through flatness as boring as the corn fields of Illinois with a scattering of tiny homes looking the worse for wear. Perhaps we need to get a bit farther from Mexico before the wealth that is Texas is more evident.

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