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We made a four hour bus trip to Banos, a quaint tourist town. It's really beautiful here, being nestled in the Andes.

Tiffany and I are inseparable. We have a lot in common. Not only are we both translucent, obsessed with sunscreen, a bit on the loner side, but she actually can out talk me! If she wasn't in the group, I would definately not be having as much fun.

Tiffany and I decided to take it easy the next day. In the morning Tiffany finally decided to investigate the fowl smell coming out of her backpack. To her horror, she learned that some kind of animal, likely a rodent from the Amazon, crapped in her bag! Of course, I find stuff like this really funny and couldn't stop laughing. The stench was awful! Poor thing!

Later we wandered around town. We stumbled upon an excellent Mexican restuarant and decided to have lunch there. The owner, Sol, was so nice. We hung out with him for about an hour. All over the walls of his restuarant were postcards from tourists who have eaten in his restaurant.

Another thing Tiffany and I have in common is that we are both creatures of habit. We had dinner at the same Mexican restuarant. What was really funny is that an English couple we saw while having lunch did the same thing! We also met a guy travelling alone from Colarado and the five of us went out for drinks after dinner.

Still trying to drum up pictures...

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