Elvis Presley Drive

The church they attended


Walk to see the house

Elvis at 13 years old, Ollie thought he was real and his...


Fountain of Life

Fountain of Life


The very small house

Side view





The town of Tupelo

Our first cache of the day in the jungle :-)

Veterans Memorial


Vietnam Veterans



It was a beautiful park

Another view

Ollie enjoyed the walk too

Unusual ducks

The one on the left has a hair bun :-)

Another view

The lake was full of ducks of all kinds

Ollie taking Jerry for a walk :-)

Last one!

Hunka Hunka Burning Love: That is the name of the geocache we went to find today, but we could not find it. :-) It was right across the road from the home Elvis Presley was born in. We enjoyed visiting the home and the memorial garden. The garden represents an integral part of Elvis’ childhood, one which was influenced heavily by his Tupelo upbringing. It includes the “walk of life” around the birthplace which consists of 42 granite blocks representing each year of Elvis’ life, a “fountain of life” symbolizing the significance of the Tupelo years, a “story wall” featuring 11 childhood narratives as told by boyhood friends of Elvis and a 1939 green Plymouth, which duplicates the type of car that the Presley’s owned at the time they moved from Tupelo to Memphis in 1948.

We didn't get to see the inside of the house, it was closed on Sundays until later in the afternoon. After viewing the Elvis memorial we found our first Mississippi geocache. It took us to a beautiful Veterans Memorial Park. It was outstanding and had a huge lake that was full of ducks. One of the ducks had the most unusual "hair do" I have seen. It looked just like a hair bun on the back of his head. :-) The cache was located in a jungle area of the park. We almost backed out on this one, it looked so bad, but Jerry was determined to get it. It was muddy and wet and hard to even sign the log, but the park it took us to was well worth the effort. I am adding a lot of pictures to tell the rest of the story. More later from Mississippi.

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