Our incredible campsite in Montgomery

Organize time

The mop came in handy cleaning the basement compartments

Time out for lunch

We saw a lot of boats in the river

A cool trail over a creek

Another view

Our nice fire

Jerry tried to fish, but no luck :-)

Egret flying

Egret in tree


A beautiful place to camp

Turtle on log

Moss hanging from the trees

Our site

Last one!

We have been busy packing the items we plan to move into the house into boxes etc. It feels so strange to be going home after 20 months on the road. It is hard to believe how much stuff we have to move back into the house. The more we look, the more we see that has to go with us. :-)

We are staying at the Gunter Hill CORPS Park for only $9.00 a night, using Jerry's half off Golden Age Pass. The campground is right on the Alabama River, it is awesome. It is on our top ten list of all the (back to nature type) places we have camped in. I will be adding a lot of photos later, the internet is way too slow to add them all now. Please check back later for more from Alabama.

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