Bird fountain cleaned and flowing again

Bird feeders are back up but bird baths still need work :-)

We will be cleaning all those pavers next and adding more sand....

Our neighbors are catching a lot of fish, we will be fishing...

Cruise ship passing by, a bit fuzzy but you can at least...

A surfer enjoying the winds from Hurricane Ida

Oranges on our tree are almost ready to eat

Chicken with 40 cloves of garlic

Jerry & Jerry Jr enjoying dinner

We are relaxing and beginning to enjoy our time at home. Rome was not built in a day. We have decided to take it a bit easier and have stopped rushing to get it all done. We have plenty of time.

We had an awesome weekend with our son, Jerry Jr. He got to fly to Jacksonville Naval Air Station on Friday, last week. We picked him up at NAS and he got to stay with us until late Sunday night. That was the most time we had with him in a long time, we enjoyed every minute.

We are planning to spend Thanksgiving with my sister and her husband, Betty and Gene. We are also hoping Jerry Jr. will be back from Spain in time to join us. He won’t be joining Kim and the boys in Vegas until February. He is stationed in Charleston, S.C. at the moment. We are hoping to visit him in Charleston too.

We have invited Cecil, one of my brothers, to dinner on Monday and plan to visit with my other brother and his wife, Bobby and Liz, later. Slowly but surely we are catching up with family and friends. :-)

I am adding a few pictures and hope you enjoy. More later from Jacksonville.

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