Ollie the Vampire

Another view

Jerry, the one on the left :-)

I was the Good Witch :-)

Jerry stuffed this guy and put him in the corner

Sammy the snowman

Cameron and Brandon

Sammy as Spiderman

Mojo as Dogula :-) He turned 15 this Halloween. Thanks... Kelly &...

Last one!

We hope everyone had a fun Halloween. We decorated the front porch and had fun scaring all the kids coming to our door. Ollie wore a vampire costume, he has the right teeth for the costume. :-) He had fun watching all the kids getting their candy, he only barked at one.

It has been a bit overwhelming being back home. We are so use to a small, 40 foot home, that only takes a short time to clean. Having a huge home to clean and a jungle of a yard is quite a shock. Today makes a week since we got home. We are getting back in the swing of things.

We have the yard back in shape and have all the bird feeders filled, the water fountains cleaned and filled. We are getting a lot of birds in the yard. Ollie is enjoying having his own yard back too. He has a doggie door and can go out whenever he pleases.

I am adding a few pictures from Halloween. We hope you enjoy. More later from Florida.

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