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A village

Getting close to the coast

Across the street from Campground

Our pitch with neighbours

Our restaurant

Boardwalk to the beach

The Channel

Saturday, September 12th.

It was a 4 hour drive to El Puerta de la Santa Maria, then we had to twist and turn down narrow streets to find the campground; Los Dumas. Thanks to “Sophie” we found it with no problem. It is across the street from the promenade and the sand, then a long trek across the beach to the Ocean.

We took a bike ride along this promenade, to see if we could ride our bikes to the marina for the ferry across to Cadiz. (pronounced Cadi). When the bike path ended so did our chances to ride our bike over to the marina. The road was barely wide enough for one car because cars were parked on both sides. We back tracked safely and took a leisurely ride back to camp enjoying the water view.

Our pitch was back in the boonies with no one in close proximity but in the late afternoon another couple wanted some privacy too but did they have to park beside us?

The campground stretched out parallel to the quiet coastal road with a network of sports fields between us and the road. We could hear lots of shouting and hollering from the fans and “futbol” players until 10pm when everyone went home.

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