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Capitol Visitors Center - Originally General Land Office Building

Texas State Capitol - South Entrance

Texas State Capitol - View from Visitors Center

Flower Garden on North Side of Capitol Grounds

Glenda Alexander at Ancient Oak Tree

Texas State Capitol - Virginia, Inge and Dianne

Capitol Extension, Obverse of State Seal in Terrazzo

House of Representatives Chamber

Senate Chamber

Memorial to Texas Peace Officers

Monument to Heroes of the Alamo

Monument to Texas Pioneer Women 1998

Marble Bust - Miriam Ferguson, First Female Governor of Texas

Today Dianne, Inge, Virginia and I had a pretty full day. We rendezvoused at 10:00 and then drove to the Capitol. First, we stopped at the Capitol Visitors Center for information. We walked around the grounds to see all the monuments, with a break in the middle for lunch in the Capitol Grill. Before heading back outside we had a guided tour of the Capitol and then visited both the Senate and Representative Chambers to watch the circus ….er,… proceedings. It's a good thing we didn't have a bag of rotten eggs and tomatoes on hand. :>)

Back outside, we completed our tour of the grounds and then went across the street to the Lorenzo de Zavala State Archives and Library Building (1961). They had a special exhibition of the Texas Declaration of Independence and related documents and photos. Unfortunately, I couldn't get good photos because the documents were behind glass. This special exhibit will close on April 21. There is also a mural painted by Peter Rogers which conveys 400 years in Texas, from conquistadors to cowboys. (http://www.tsl.state.tx.us/treasures)

After this tour, we returned to the Capitol Visitor Center to see the exhibits there and to get some maps and brochures. By then we all were ready to call it a day. We were glad that it had stayed cool. The gray skies didn't make a nice background for my photos, though.

Even though I was tired, I decided to stop at Jiffy Lube on the way home to get Sweet Pea inspected. While I was waiting, the electricity suddenly went off. Of course, that meant that their computers all went down, too. Fortunately, the power came back on soon and they were able to get the computers up and running again. However, the credit card machine wouldn't work, so I had to write a check.

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