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Coming in the entrance to Paya Bay resort with Larry Wood driving...

Ah Bonita

A group of us went for 30 lemp taco Sunday

and the view, and a swim

Inside, where we didn't sit



One of our favorite little lunch places where lunch is 50 lemps...

Out and about

Larry and Angie Wood flying by us in his Boston Whaler

Alex on his guitar and Joe on the spoons every Sat aft...

Always a fun gathering and great tunes

Mark, Lori, Savannah and Amyra leaving BJ's and heading home

A nice view of Diamond Lil and La Punta from BJs

There are several of these in the garden here

And this pretty bush behind the house

The bunkhouse

What a view!

Canvassing Island style

Once again invited to join friends, we headed east along the dusty roads of the sparsely populated east end towards Paya Bay.

We enjoyed cheap and delicious Sunday tacos out on the patio overlooking the sea down below on the north side of the island. Funny we thought, that we made it out here twice in one week after two years of never following the road past Oak Ridge. Few tourists venture this far, although there are several resorts and dive centres. There were no tourists at the resort, our group of local gringos were the only customers.

After lunch we mozied down to the beach, some of us enjoyed a swim and others stretched out on lounge chairs on the beach and watched.

On the way back we stopped to pay our respects at a woman’s 83rd birthday party and then once again had a cold one at the funny little bar in Spanish Hill, if it has a name, I don’t know it. Entertaining listening to a guy we used to anchor near down in West End try to hook up on the phone with his blind date, Isabel, shame we had to leave before she got there.

Saturday it was Alex on his guitar and Joe on the spoons down at BJ’s and the usual crowd of gringos that shows up. We carried on to Pookies for a bite and stumbled into a Political Party gathering. The Captain was edgy and irritated to find speeches instead of chicken fingers but I found it interesting and worked hard to kept him in his chair.

Speeches done, we ordered the grub to go and brought it back to the boat and the sun set. Strange things happen before an election like this large boat that pulled in across from us one morning loaded with cheering party supporters. They loaded a bunch more on, all dressed in their blue party shirts and out they flew through the cut, going somewhere. Where they went I do not know but they stayed the night and returned the townsfolk to the dock the next day.

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