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Hovenweep Castle

Hovenweep Castle Tower

Wednesday Afternoon, July 26

Leaving Four Corners, I nipped a little corner off Colorado and then passed into Utah. The big item on today's list was a visit to Hovenweep National Monument, which is out in the middle of nowhere, but well worth the effort. I hiked a portion of the trail along the rim of Little Ruin Canyon. The trail is rough but not difficult. Most of the buildings still standing were constructed from 1230 to 1275, making it about the same age as Mesa Verde in Colorado. The "centerpiece" of these ruins is the Hovenweep Castle. The unique stone towers and other buildings are original and very fragile. Visitors are not allowed to touch them.

From Hovenweep I took some back roads to Blanding, Utah to spend the night. Along the way there were some surprises. At a small settlement the highway suddenly turned into gravel road without warning. Then just as suddenly the pavement was back! Another unexpected sight was a flock of sheep wandering across the highway in front of me.

All in all, I had an interesting day.

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