Saint James Park Fishing Pier

Jerry and Jerry on the fishing dock

Jerry & Gloria on the dock

Nirlep Indian Restaurant for a delicious lunch

Our next stop was the Charleston Market

Sweetgrass items

A great place to shop, we are already planning to go back...

Pigeon Lady, she said this bird follows her all!

Carriage Tours

Jerry & Jerry :-)

Battery Park

Battery Park

Jerry enjoying the view

A beautiful place to walk

Charleston homes


Last one!

We had a wonderful visit in Charleston with Jerry. He was the perfect tour guide. He took us to the best parts of the city. We also spent some time checking out the campground together and enjoyed the drive though the beautiful lights.

We had a superb lunch at the Nirlep Indian Restaurant, then we visited the City Market. It was a wonderful place to shop and we are hoping to go back again before leaving the city.

We saw a lot of unusual gift items, tons of jewelry and much more. They have sweetgrass baskets on every corner. Sweetgrass basket making is a family art. It is more than three hundred years old and is one of the oldest art forms of African origin in the United States. This particular type of basketry is practiced only in the Charleston area. These baskets have been purchased by museums and art collectors. In fact, the Museum of American History at the Smithsonian Institution displays the Lowcountry coil basketry.

Our next stop was Battery Park. Battery Park (also known as The Battery), which includes a park known as White Point Gardens, is a landmark promenade in Charleston, South Carolina famous for its stately antebellum homes. I am adding a picture of one of the historical homes, it was awesome. The park was first used as a public park in 1837, it became a place for artillery during the American Civil War. It stretches along the shores of the Charleston peninsula, bordered by the Ashley and Cooper Rivers. Fort Sumter is visible from the Cooper River side. It is a beautiful place for a walk. We were surprised the area was not crowded at all.

We ended our perfect day back home in our RV, where we all watched the Survivor finally. Russell should have won. :-) More later from Charleston.

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