Cool way to tour Beaufort

Blackstone's Cafe

Regular Shrimp & Grits

Cajun Shrimp & Grits with sausage


A Beaufort Beauty!


Culbert House Inn

Marina & River View

Another view

Luther's 1906

Bay Street shopping area

We loved this "What's in Store" store, it was on the way...

Unusual items


Last one!

When we left the RV today, we had one thing on our minds, shrimp & grits. :-) We have been hearing about this dish since our first day in Charleston. It seems to be a specialty in Charleston, Savannah and Beaufort, SC. We had tried to order some in Charleston and was shocked to find they only had it on the menu a few days a week.

We started looking online and read about the Blackstone Cafe in Beaufort, SC. About six months after opening in 1981, shrimp and grits earned a spot on Blackstone Cafe's menu, and that same recipe has been satisfying customers ever since. It runs $8.25 and a cajun version $8.95. Jerry had the cajun one with sausage and I had the regular.

His cafe starts by cooking stone ground yellow grits in evaporated milk. Add to that grated cheddar cheese, an au jus base, demi-glaze, a little cornstarch to thicken it up, and rosemary, garlic and other seasonings. The topper of course is a heaping of shrimp. Both were delicious!

Once our craving were out of the way, we walked around and did a bit of shopping and then took the car for a tour of the city. Beaufort has been used as a setting for several films, including Forrest Gump, The Big Chill and The Prince of Tides.

The original settlement of Beaufort is in the downtown historic district area with 304 acres of the town designated a National Historic Landmark. I am adding a lot of photos to show you the area. We will be heading home in the morning. We have enjoyed our visit in South Carolina and will certainly be back for more. More later from Florida.

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