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We left our campground around 10, our usual time. We went north to Bend then east on Highway 20. And what a gorgeous drive it turned out to be! We drove down the middle of a sort of valley between small mountains (hills) of volcanic ash with outcroppings of lava intrusions. Colors ranged from black to very light tan. We followed the Malheur River where there was green grasses and trees. With the blue sky it was a beautiful drive.

We (I) had picked out a campground for an overnight, but discovered at the last minute that it would not accommodate our length of RV. Luckily I did this before we drove toward the campground. I then tried another one with the same results. So we ended up driving a bit farther than we intended but ended up in a delightful campground on Bully Creek Reservoir. To stay in keeping with the rest of the day, our GPS took us the scenic route to get there. With Don proclaiming that I had gotten us lost, we finally did make it.

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