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McKenzie Hwy in Oregon through the Cascades

Detroit Lake in a dry spell. Not enough snow fall to help...

Old fire from 2012

Old fire and regrowth in fall colors

Raining in the mountains

Lost in the desert, where is that truck?

Sagebrush blooming

Can you spot the geocache?

Lichens grows fat on old juniper trees

Desert view

tahis tree pointing the proper way....or is it? This way or that...

We drove over to Redmond to get some RV service scheduled for later next month. Garner RV is awesome and do great work so we have been “saving” some things for them to help us with. The drive through the Cascade Mountains along the McKenzie pass is one of my favorites. Love seeing the change from the big Douglas Fir and undergrowth to the Big Lodge Pole Pines. Then all of a sudden we are in Sisters. A great tourist/ cowboy town. Not to mention a great quilt shop!

While our trailer was getting a checkup, we drove three miles down the street to some BLM property which consisted of High Desert. There were a lot of geocaches in there, in a grid spaced 0.3 miles apart. I had Mike park the truck in one spot and went to do a few caches around the truck, walking. I made a few mistakes such as not having water, and not marking where the truck was on my GPS, and not having my cell phone to call if I needed help, and Mike not having his if I needed him anyways. I enjoyed walking around and thinking I was circling the truck so it would be easy to go back. But it is also easy to get turned around when all the scenery looks the same. I admit, I got a little confused. I knew where the caches were that I had gone to but just did not find the truck for a little while. I followed my own tracks not sure if I was walking in my own circles or not. Then I saw the same pile of bones twice. And the same tree twice. Oh crap. Fortunately I was able to find the main dirt road and followed it for a little while and found the truck after my short walk turned into nearly five miles. Whew! But a lot of scenarios did play in my head for a while! Dumb move. But at least I had a good walk.

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