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At Chris's birthday bash

What u looking at fool!

This weekend we were not only blessed with Chloe and Ryan coming up to stay but also Chris's birthday.

Ryan seemed to be even cuter this time around and is getting closer to the stage of walking. He still had his cheeky little grin and made everybody happy when he was having fun with his toys. Chloe made me dance along to Ring of Roses with her causing me to feel like a spinning top and eventually I had to give up because I felt a little sick. These kids are great entertainment but it's hard to tell the little tots from us older folk when we play with their toys.

On to the evening and we headed out to a new restaurant at the Burswood complex where the only casino in Perth is situated and where there is an ever present line of taxi's surrounding the roundabout. Sirocco the venue for the night had only opened this week but the service and food was great and it felt like they had been in operation for a much longer time. There were 25 of us in total with the odd new face who we got to know and everybodty seemed to have a ball. Even better two desserts turned up later on with no buyers so doing the right thing me and Anna tucked in.

Day 161 complete

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