It was quite a drive into Silver City...-)



Loved this old Post Office from 1860...

Hardwicke House on the left..


Silver City Fire Department...

Silver City Lodge #163 from 1863..

We loved exploring this historic little town..:-)

Last one!

After our tour of Carson City, we crossed some pretty high passes into the little town of Silver City. The first gold nugget in what would become known as Gold Canyon was actually discovered just north of Silver City, by John Orr and Nicholas Kelly in June, 1850. For the next ten years, the canyon would become the scene of avid placer mining and the busy route to Virginia City, as thousands of miners made their way to the Comstock Lode. By 1861, Silver City boasted several boarding houses, a number of saloons, four hotels and a population of about 1,200 people. As Virginia City boomed, Silver City became an important freighting center with extensive stables and corrals to serve the many people traveling between the Comstock Lode mines of Virginia City.

Silver City thrived for several years, though its mines and mills were never as productive as Virginia City and Gold Hill. When the Virginia & Truckee Railroad was completed in 1869, it spelled the demise of Silver City. However, the small town today continues to display a number of historic structures, is dotted with old mining equipment, and has a substantial historic cemetery. We are planning a trip back just to see the cemeteries in the area. On the south side of Silver City, are the remains of a mostly intact mining facility. We enjoyed seeing what is left in this historic little town and hope you enjoy the pictures too.

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