Laurene's European Adventure 2006/2007 travel blog

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lip syncing on the train

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it was a long train ride

We were on a 7:30am train to Berlin. We found out that our seat reservations had us sitting in different train compartments. We didn't want to be seperated so we sat in the hallway haha. The train was really busy. A guy working on the train came over to us and got us 2 seats together. Really nice guy.

Once in Berlin we figured out the metro system and got to our hostel which is in East Berlin but really far from anything. It also didn't have much to offer. No internet and had to pay for breakfast. But it was clean enough and alright.

Had a coffee at a place like Starbucks and talked for a while and wandered around some shops. Grabbed some frozen pizzas and went back to the hostel to make ourselves some dinner.

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