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Before you get to the arrival area at Manila International airport

My grandfather with my step grandmother

Preparing to sing karaoke

My uncle Jesus with his wife Cora

Cora, Malou, Jennifer

Shoppet and Marc

In a trycicle

On the market

Church of Santa Ana

Market of Santa Ana

It wasn't the same looking forward to this vacation as usual. A few weeks before my departure I had to realise that I was so badly behind with my studying, that I actually gonna have to take advantage of the time off work to study. I knew this would be tough and it ended up being even worse than I've expected.

I was a bit nervous before I left, as it's my first time coming to the Philippines without my parents, especially without my mum organizing everything and doing the "speaking" always and everywhere. But what a great experience, being back after 7 years to see my family. The family is still the same, the Philippnes though have progressed shockingly alot. It's not the "other world" anymore the way I've got to know it when I was a child, teenager respectively a more or less grown up individual. Nowadays, my relatives live in the same world as I do. I don't even dare to ask myself the question if this is good or bad, as I always remembered all the Philippinos being happpy no matter how poor they were. I reckon the scissor is opening more and more, more successful the "globalisation" is becoming. But is that the goal they are aming for?

St. Ana the small village about 100km north of Manila hasn't changed much. The main intersection is still dominated by the old Spanish church, the local market, and Jollibee, a Philippine fastfood chain, whose appearance in the early 90ies horrendously chocked me when I first saw it with it's glassed walls in the middle of my "other world".

My family is still the same aswell, except of the 7 years of growing older. I felt being part of them right away again and they did their very best to prove the famous pinoy hospitality. They picked me up at the airport, let me sleep in the only airconditionned bedroom, my aunt Cora who has a small hairdresser shop gave me the full manicure, pedicure and hair cutting treatment. This is how "coming home" always should be :)

But the big highlight was the Karaoke night, when they rented the "sing along" machine which was delivered by a trycicle and set up outside on the veranda And I still feel sorry for the neighbours! Of course they wouldn't stop pesting me until I sang a song, even though I assured them that they would severly damage their sense of hearing if they make me sing. But sure enough thew wouldn't believe me.... until I tortured them with endlessly long FOUR songs. Strange that no one asked for an encore!?!?!

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