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This morning an inspector came to check out everything on my motorhome to make sure they work properly. Then we took it for a test drive. This is required before I can buy an extended warranty. Nearly everything passed the test except for the awning and the jacks. I never use the awning anyway and I have rarely used the jacks. I have some leveling blocks, which work just fine; they’re just a little more trouble, especially in inclement weather. I may have the jacks serviced before I go on another long trip, even though the new extended warranty probably will not cover the cost.

The inspector moved here several years ago from Brighton, England, but he was born in Pennsylvania; so he has dual citizenship. He isn’t happy with what has happened to Austin since all those people from California have driven up housing costs; he is thinking of moving to Florida where housing is cheaper. He isn’t the only one who doesn’t like those rising housing costs!

The weather cooperated perfectly; it is cool and dry today.

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