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I read several writers blogs and they all say you must write everyday. There are days when life is just not interesting enough to force it on others. Julia Child said that life was like food and it is best taken in big bites. There are days when just a little taste is enough. Yesterday I got out my sewing machine and made Christmas banners to decorate the RV. They are light weight easy to store and really will add a festive appearance.

It was cold so when we finally ventured out of the trailer we had to adjust our outer wear accordingly. The goal was Brunch. At the deli I got tuna salad with chocolate milk and Dick a club sandwich and diet Pepsi, $22.89. When the order was handed to us I had 2 crescents and 1/2 pound of tuna made with a teaspoon of mayonnaise. Dick had a sandwich cut in quarters that end to end was 24" long, involved 4 slices of bread, bacon, turkey, ham, lettuce, tomato, more bacon, turkey, ham, until it was beyond anything you could eat in one attempt. It had no condiment on it at all. Why can't they charge half as much for half the amount of food? We took the left overs home and traded them around for dinner. I know your all thinking why did Judy order Chocolate milk, or maybe not ? The bottles here are 1% fat and have 2 servings with 480 mg of potassium in each. The amount of walking we do here the potassium helps prevent my legs from aching at night.

We had success last night with the local channels and could watch Dancing with the Stars. No I am not ashamed to admit that. The antenna on a good night will bring in 18 channels, six are in Spanish, two are weather, one is extreme sports, three are PBS, and the remaining six are network. The Spanish and PBS stations come in no matter what direction the antenna faces but the network channels fade in and out like my husband in his lazy boy after a big meal .

Tonight we have tickets for Vegas, the Show. I'm sure it involves chorus girls and Elvis.

There I did it . I wrote today with nothing to say except!, I'm sorry.

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