7 Months on the Road Checking Off the Bucket List travel blog

This morning, while my husband is still conducting his mattress studies, I am working on the finances. Balancing the checkbooks, paying bills on line, budgeting for the trip home, and filling out the taxes. Don't gasp in horror but I love all these tasks.Sometimes I save balancing the checking account because it's fun. I like to do our taxes every way possible just to see the results.It's the joy of numbers. I keep track of fuel,food,recreation,and campground fees. A daily average each month which I will use to calculate the cost of going home. Maybe I should have a web cast called "Fun with Family Finance."

Today it will be 76 degrees. The warmest since coming to not so sunny California. There was an earthquake in the ocean several days ago that people could feel in the downtown area. Earthquake is not on my to do list. Maybe a tiny shimmy!

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