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Moose on hill above our old airport runway this morning

Moose eating at the end of the old runway

Where is she going?

Oh, she had junior stashed in the woods!

Following mom

Another cute Alaskan cafe - good lunch today

This is all we saw on a bad gravel road side trip...

Kenai River

Kenai Lake

The cloud looks like volcano steam from the peak

Trail Creek

On the other side of the mtn - Kenai Lake - its...

Snow River flowing into Kenai Lake - eastern end of the lake


Glacier above Seward

Container barges to or from areas not accessed by roads

Home at Stoney Creek RV Park outside Seward

This morning we stopped at Fred Meyers to use their rv dump & then hit the road. We didn't get far (10 miles!) before we stopped at another cute Alaskan cafe for lunch. Then Judi found a loop road thru nat'l wildlife refuge area that offered lakes & grizzly bear & moose. The Milepost said it was a good gravel road. We went 5 miles down the 19 mile road & turned around. We didn't see any lakes, grizzly or moose - all we saw was forest & we could only go 15-20 mph on the washboard gravel road. OK, so David won't take any suggestions from Judi in the future!

We had driven the Sterling Hwy down to Homer & took it back to the Seward Hwy today. We drove along the Kenai River & then past Kenai Lake. When we hit the Seward Hwy we turned right & headed for Seward. Some miles down the Seward Hwy we came to Kenai Lake - what? Turns out Kenai Lake is 24 miles long & runs between the Snow River in the east to the Kenai River in the west.

Approaching Seward, we saw a couple of big glaciers in the mtns. Then as we drove into Seward we saw another glacier above Seward & more in the mtns across the bay. We passed the road to the rv park where we'd made reservations & drove into Seward to check out a county park with hookups that someone told us about a few days ago. It looks interesting so we paid for 2 nites here & may move down into Seward in a couple of days.

We had sunshine this morning - partly to mostly cloudy thruout the day - & even just a few sprinkles. Think we're in Alaska.

More later...

Critter Count: Moose - 3 (20)

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