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Muncho Lake morning - can you see the rainbow & its reflection?

Trout River & hoodoo

Trout River

Bison along the highway

Liard River Alley - not a type, that's what they call it

Lower Liard River bridge 1943 - only remaining suspension bridge on the...

Liard Hot Springs

First chance to do water aerobics since we left CA

Cranberry Rapids on the Liard River

Goat Mountain

Moose running off the road

We've made it to Yukon Territory!

Home for a couple of nights - nothing fancy

Today's drive was mostly sunny - just a few sprinkles. The area we drove thru has over 400 bison roaming freely. We saw one group of 15, including calves, & a total of 22.

We stopped at Liard Hot Springs to soak for awhile. This was a construction center duing the building of the Alaska Hwy & it was considered paradise because of the hot springs - especially during the cold winter. The workers built the original boardwalk to the sprngs.

Heading on down the road we saw more trees & mountains - the views are spectacular. We also saw 7 bear & a cow moose. We saw the moose in the middle of a highway resurfacing project as we were following a pilot car! Guess all the activity of construction doesn't bother the wildlife up here.

We entered Yukon Territory just a few miles outside Watson Lake. We're in the Downtown RV Park, which is just a gravel parking lot with hookups. But we can walk to everything in town from here. We're planing to spend a couple of nights since there are a few things here we want to see.

More later...

Critter Count: Bear - 7 (16) - Moose - 1 (2) - Bison - 22

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