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Stone Mtn - new snow

Summit Lake

Stone sheep

Racing River bridge & river

Moose in pond at Toad River

Toad River

Centennial Falls

Or maybe this is Centennial Falls - they were side-by-side

An alluvial fan coming down to Toad River - lots of these...

Home for tonight at Muncho Lake

View out our kitchen window - not bad, eh!

View from our table

Other end of Muncho Lake

10:15 pm - sunset still tinging the clouds & mtn peaks

We thoroughly enjoyed our drive today. About 90 minutes up the road we stopped at Tetsa River Services for their "world famous cinnamon buns (said by thousands to be the best they ever had." They were big & they were good - but there would have been a little less cinnamon to be perfect.

We drove thru the Stone Mountain range & by Summit Lake. Milepost said to watch for Stone sheep & caribou. A motorhome was stopped to look at a Stone sheep but all we saw was its tail as it disappeared over the bank of a creek. So we passed the motorhome & a mile or so down the road saw a big ram pretty close o the road. He even posed for us!

Our destination was Toad River - where friends Gordon & Juanita stayed a few years ago. We stopped there & walked back to see what rv spots were available & there was a nice spot open. The guys next door showed us a moose grazing across the pond. Our first moose sighting! But we weren't quite ready to stop for the day so we decided to go on to Muncho Lake. And we're so glad we did.

We stopped to check out the Strawberry Flats provincial campground & found a site right on the lake. It's our favorite campsite so far. No hookups but we're self-contained so no problem. It's just such beautiful views from our campsite!

We had rain most of the day & low clouds obscured mountain peaks, but we also had some sunshine & beautiful views so we can't complain. And we saw animals -

Critter Count: Bear - 3 (9) - Stone sheep - 1 - Moose - 1

More later...

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