Here for the nite...Mari hoped to check on relatives in the local city luck, it was closed by the time she got there and closed next day(Monday) as on to Krakow.

This eve tho we walked the "old town" which was 80% destroyed during WW II so is not really old...all the city folk were out, families on Sunday (99% R.C. here, very religious), and surprisingly for us these people are smiling, enjoying life, and even have been helpful to us...not grumpy, or sour...

We found a hotel room right across from the RR station so will be on it in the am ...

Mari here: As Tim said above, I had hoped to get some info on the Hoffmann side of the family. We know very little about them before they immigrated to America. It is sort of a "Root" type story, German style, about a mother and her two sons that left Breslau during the Franco-Prussian War (1870's) in haste, but that she buried the silver before leaving. Also that one of the sons, our Great,Great Grandfather, played the zither. He later became the mayor of St. Louis! I know there is a great story inbetween those two events, but that will take some time to flesh out, as writers say. In any case, it was nice to see their city, albeit very briefly.

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