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A gorgeous sea grape tree heavy with fruit as a backdrop for...

A girl me thinks

A party barge being built in West End

Papa John

Bryan and his daughter on "Reel Joy" at Catalina Island, CA

The old, rotted wood about to come out

this wall to come out next

Bringing the lumber home from the store

quick before it rains

cutting the new wood to fit

the second wall comes out

Who is this strange, unbearded man in my shower?

Lori and Mark hosted a happy hour at Turtlegrass, their place in...

WOW our town front and centre and us in the middle on...

I can tell by the up and down movement on my website activity graph when it's about time for an update. The hits that fell off gradually after the previous update start to reappear and eventually I get a message from some loyal follower like Iris who just wrote to me saying "Where are you guys?"

Iris and her Captain hope to take off after hurricane season on their 48' motor vessel and head to the Bahamas and Dominican Republic. Then someday perhaps, the Rio and/or the Bay Islands. She has had lots of questions for us and I am always happy to try to help.

Bayliner owners is another group of readers who sometimes see the link to our website on the Bayliner Owner's Club website, like Bryan and his family out in Southern California. Bryan's boat "Reel Joy" is Diamond Lil's twin. When he sends me pictures it freaks me out to see our girl's clone.

There are other BL guys and gals and lots of friends we've made along the way that follow the site, even though we're kinda dull these days, being ashore and all.

The excitment of cruising sometimes gives way to stops along the way, times when you'd rather be out there but for whatever reason are not. So, to take advantage of our time here at the dock at La Punta we decided to tackle the next boat project on our list, the HEAD!

I dare say that the shower in this Bayliner has probably been used more times than any shower on any Bayliner anywhere. Living in this hot, sticky, sweaty climate means sometimes 3,4 or even 5 showers in a single day. It's the only way to cool off really, other than a swim, which also needs to be followed by a fresh water shower. OK so now the sailboat people are saying "cry me a river", because our shower must seem decadent. But after 4 years on this puppy I can't imagine living without it. Well, except for now, of course.

I peeled the wallpaper off and John took out the walls on both sides of the shower. He picked up some wood from the Building Supply place in town and hauled it home in the dingy, the wood was almost as big as the dingy but he got it here. He rebuilt the wall between the shower and our cabin (bedroom) first and coated it with fibreglass.

We compared prices of different colours of formica for the inside of the shower and ended up with a glossy white which was available right here in Oak Ridge at a lower price than the main building supply places down island. We always try to support the local economy when possible.

The first piece of formica was cut and measured and installed no problem. The next piece was large and contained many odd angles and bits and pieces. I watched John measure and mark, re-measure, check. In and out the piece came from where he was working on land through the boat and carefully through the door into the head, several times. Finally all the cuts were perfect and the edges were ground down with our drummel tool. The glue went on the wooden wall and then on the back of the formica. We carefully attempted to position it just so but before it was just so the glue stuck like, well GLUE! We quickly tried to pull the formica back off the wall and "CRACK", of course it was me that pulled too hard and a huge, long crack appreared down the centre of the piece.

It's great to be a girl because tears just happen so easily at a time like this. Poor John, I'm sure wanted to cry too but he was too upset to even utter his favorite swear word. No, I'm NOT kidding.

Well a couple of days later the replacement piece was ever so carefully cut, measured, etc, etc and the glue went on. We had a plan this time and had moved some obstructions to make it an easier fit. Well, in she went ever so slowly and just in one tiny spot it touched the wall. John tried to pull it and I said "OH NO, the same thing's happening again". He didn't have a chance to even complete the word "NO...... when a huge "crack"

replaced his words and YUP we did it again. This time I made sure my hands were free and clear at that particular moment, not that it matters.

I am beginning to question the strength of this formica when I picture DL crashing and banging in those big ole waves out there. I have visions of crawling down to use the head and finding it in pieces. Well, the Captains swears that it will work, so on we go.

My camera is the latest victim of salt air and is no longer functioning so the pictures of the head job stopped just before the formica went on. You will just have to picure the twin pieces of cracked formica and the chaos in our boat with all the walls pulled apart and trim and tools everywhere. It's not such a pretty picture anyway.

The Captain found a similar camera and we ordered in on line and it is due to be delivered to Joe Roatan's house in Rockford, Illinois tomorrow. He is flying down on Sept 12 and has ever so graciously offered to bring it down for me. Thanks Joe!

Those who know me well know that I go nowhere without my camera so it has been difficult. I missed the shots of the grand opening of another large chain grocery store on the island. Dignitaries, the press, wine and cheese, man what a do. And NO Jeanie, I didn't get pictures.

Being without a camera, I will likely wait until after Sept 12th to post my next update, unless something earth shattering, like an earthquake happens so don't worry about DL sinking to the bottom of the ocean, we're safe and sound here at La Punta in the quiet little town of Oak Ridge, at the quiet end of the very quiet, tourist starved island of Roatan.

Hopefully by that time the head job from H--- will be a distant memory and we'll be out cruising.

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