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Many different thoughts wandered through my mind today.

This date, November 8th, is my brother’s birthday. Bill would have been 69 years old. Sadly, he will be 63 forever. He called me when he was told that he had cancer. He admitted to me that he was scared and said that 63 was too young to die. I agreed and we shed a few tears together over the phone. Bill was determined to fight the illness. He fought the good fight for some time and lost the battle just a couple of weeks before we were to leave for a cruise to celebrate the anniversary of Bill & his wife, Judy.

So, today I remember the fine man who was my best friend throughout our lives.

Bill has a wonderful family and we think of them with much love in our hearts today.

Now, on another subject, I want all of you dear readers to know that my talent for taking friends to restaurants which are closed, shows no sign of abating. Last night Rick & Sherry, Roger & Joyce, and the two of us, drove to Perino’s Boiling Pot for dinner. We had our appetites all ready for more oysters on the half shell.

Alas, they were closed and we settled for an excellent second choice, a Texas Road House. No oysters there but we did enjoy a good steak, along with the lively conversation and laughter. Just good friends enjoying their time together.

This morning we awoke to bright sunshine streaming in the windows. It was moving day and we had only a 2 ½ to 3 hour drive to reach Betty’s RV Park.

Rick & Sherry were headed in the same direction but taking a more direct route toward San Antonio.


We left Bayou Segnette at 9:35 and had a nice trip, arriving at Betty’s RV Park about 12:15. We were anxious to park and plug in the electric so that we could drive over to Suires for some Cajun food.

We savored the shrimp gumbo and fried alligator for an appetizer and then took out the rest of the meal to enjoy in the comfort of our RV.

We decided to go with a group here at Betty’s, to attend a play on Friday night. The ticket price includes a meal, a drink and the play.

I’ll let you know about the whole thing, later.

Happy hour begins soon so I’ll get this finished up and posted. I promise to try getting pictures posted for you tomorrow.

For now, it is time to relax.

Life is Good!

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