Michelle and Charlie's Around the World Trip 2004-2005 travel blog

city views from the port

boat from America's Cup

tai chi in the park

Symphony in the Park - a popular annual event

As we mentioned, we had no plans of staying here so we had no information and nothing planned for this city. We were happy though that the weather was crisp and clear and there were no mosquitos. Also for the first time in many, many months, there was good tourist information available and before leaving the airport we had our accomodation booked and return tickets from and to the airport and a pile of other information. We spent the two days running around the city soaking up the sun and the sights, which we enjoyed tremendously. Sailing is a popular sport here and we got a glimpse of the America's Cup boats (which you can get a ride on for a high price). We also watched people jump off the sky tower (they called it Base jumping, but Charlie mocked this since his skydiving days and base jumper friends). They are attached with wires and let down fairly slowly I thought.

In the evening we went to a free concert in the park which is apparently a huge annual event. Music was great but also as great were the people with elaborate picnics with glasses of wine in their hands enjoying the show. I wish we had known this was allowed and would have prepared for the concert better.

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