Jo Wishnie

Jo & Fred with some of Jerry's hot sauces

Boo Boo was right at home on Jerry's lap :-)

The highlight of our time in Hardeeville was spending time with The Wandering Wishnies. We had a wonderful time getting to know Jo & Fred better.

We have been reading their blog for years and dreaming about doing what they are doing. We first met the Wishnies when they were on their way to Alaska in 2008. We never ran into them while in Alaska, our routes were almost reversed. Isn't it a small world to see them in Hardeeville, of all places. :-)

I am adding a few pictures, I wish I had taken more. Thanks a million Jo and Fred for making this week awesome. If you would like to read more about their travels here is a link to their site. Wandering Wishnies

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