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These guys are all over the place

Around every bend

He would moon you but its too cold

Pounding waves

Pancake Rocks

Welcome to my castle


Lake Kaniere, a gigantic mirror

A restful afternoon

Yes, the water is really this color

Glacier run-off is what makes this water turquoise

New Zealand Fantail

What's so wonderful about New Zealand is that there is just so much to see on the drive from one place to another. Great snow covered mountains loom behind two-lane freeways; gurgling rivers carve out their paths in between hills; deer, lamb, cattle, goats, and sheep dart to and fro (we even saw one goat jump on top of the back of a sheep); birds flit around; beautiful lakes and waterfalls are plentiful so it's easy to stop and explore them; huge 15 ft waves crash continually against pancake rocks on the rocky, rugged's these little things that make New Zealand Great...not just the grand destinations such as the glaciers or the fiords.

We stayed in the jade sculpture capital of New Zealand, Hokitika, where the very talkative owner of the hostel tried to impress Mika with his horrible command of the Japanese language with a New Zealand accent. Amusing.

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