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This is one of the most popular and heavily visited sites on the Newberry National Volcanic Monument. At a mile in length (the length that is open to the public) it is the longest continuous lava tube in the state of Oregon. The hike is a self-guided journey along 150 stairs and slippery or uneven surfaces, sometimes sandy and sometimes rocky. It is in total darkness, the only light being from individual flashlights or lanterns. There were many times when the only light was from our 2 flashlights. That was plenty in some of the narrower spaces, but didn’t seem like quite enough in the wider areas, sometimes 30 feet wide and tall. It is hard to imagine the amount of lava that flowed through this tube! There were several informational signs pointing out such things as a tube within a tube or ridges made from different lava flows. On of the most interesting was the sign indicating that we were walking under highway 97. Until that point I didn’t really register the fact that we were so far under ground.

This was a most interesting hike. I was glad I had my walking stick, but seriously wished for my gloves as the temperature averaged 42 degrees (but felt much colder!)

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