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Quesnel BC. Check out the size of those hanging baskets!

Drier climate

Fraser River Valley

Big Horn sheep...on a corner with no place to stop or slow...

Hot and dry in this valley, but cold and windy in winter

Fraser river

Mt Baker in Washington, welcoming us back. We used to live near...

What a difference a day makes! Such a big difference between the hills of the Cassiar and then the farmer fields and rivers of the Yellowhead Highway to the sage brush and bare rock cliffs of the high desert of BC. The geology and topography is completely different. And it has gotten a lot warmer! We went from snow flurries in Whitehorse, to cool rain, and now we were ready to dig the shorts back out. We have gone from reaching for the hoodies to reaching for the AC knob on the truck! I had forgotten this part when we first drove it up over four months ago. Wow! Has it really been that long?

Along one part of the road we saw a sign that said "Watch for Big Horn Sheep". I watched and looked up the hills we were driving along and saw nothing. I said "I wish they would at least come down to the road to say Hi". Just then we rounded a corner, and there they were! So my picture is of a group of big horn sheep, on a corner at a good rate of speed. No way to slow down or stop but at least I got a picture! I am sure my friend Teri Werner would be happy for me because she seams to always luck into some. See Teri! I can find some too!

We drove a big day today, almost 11 hours but we made it into Washington and the lower 48! It was a grand trip to be sure. We have put on about 14,000 miles in four and a half months. It was a wonderful trip. Can’t wait to do it again!

We camped for a couple of nights in Marysville Washington at Cabella’s. This is not too far from where Jesse lives so he spent Sunday with us. We went to a few stores and found a cribbage board. Being the good mom that I am I let him beat me. Haha. Then we went to the movies to see Mission Impossible and Justin Baker was able to join us. (Another one of my collection of kids!). Nice evening.

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