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Donald went out to unhook this morning and this is what he saw. A skunk with his head caught in a cup. That is another reason not to litter. Donald tried to get it off his head but it was stuck so tight he could pull it off and he was afraid he would spray him so had to leave him with the cup on his head.

We drove about 230 miles today. I just hate going over those narrow bridges. They was allot of truck traffic on it. Of course about half way across the second one Donald had to say " It would have been bad if that tread would have come off of the tire on this bridge." Of course I said just "shut up and watch the road" We are at the Ozarks Mountain Springs RV Park and Bluegrass Jamboree. They have music on Friday nights but guess we will have to miss that. The people that run this place are very friendly. That is what we love about this life style, Everyone is so friendly and welcoming. Not many campers here but the lady said it has been over 100 decrees here for 6 weeks so guess not many people are into camping in this weather.

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