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Most of the morning was spent much as yesterday and we even tried to have surf offs, with few of us reaching the shore together. Later in the morning us men were allowed to try out the next level of surfing, surfing from out the back. A long and hard paddle was had through some pretty strong waves but we eventually found calmer waters and were taught some new tricks by Rob our coach for the day.(See yesterdays 1st pic, guy in blue.)

I had trouble just sitting on the board so I wasn't feeling too happy about trying to catch some of the bigger waves rising in front of us. The time came though and each of us took it in turns. Fortunately I caught the first one and although I didn't get to a stance I felt the power of these waves compared to the whitewater and realised that dedication was the key. Unfortunately my second attempt wasn't as successful and apart from getting wiped out, rolled around and feeling disorientated I got a water cramp in my calf muscle. I was down and out and had to get on my board and float towards shore to clear up my leg problem. Ten minutes later and after a few exercises I was ready to go back in, this time back to where I knew the whitewater. We spent one last hour honing our skills before we headed back to the house and got ready to leave Lancelin and head back to good old Perth.

Another fantastic weekend was had and a couple of us agreed to meet up next week for a surf reunion.

Day 155 complete

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