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The truck doesn't fit on the street

Worlds smallest. It is a phone direct to the police

4 1/2 mile bridge

Oyster boats

Oh Oh

the four mile bridge

That's Oysters

And lots more boats

To the left

And the right

I'm getting burned

All the way from Mexico and no message?

The Blue Parrot

Lunch choice


Soon to be filled with spring breakers

New Condo's

State Park

It goes on forever and we walked it all

Beautiful dunes

Even the cement has shells stamped in it

Looking back at the mainland

It wasn't long after we woke up this morning that we knew even one more day would not be enough time in this area. You know how much both of us love the beach and since it is not hurricane time right now and the weather is awesome we signed up for two more days. That will give us four days in this wonderful community that we have fallen in love with.

We met some of our neighbors and low and behold, the couple right in back of us is from Minnesota. ( Close to Brainerd which is one of our favorite spots.) They told us about the island that is right across from us and the State Park that is on the island. Of course we wanted to go there but first we went to downtown Carrabelle. Now that is one neat little place. Last weekend was their Chile Cook off and I am so sorry we didn't know about that. We would have loved it, but wouldn't have missed George Jones to see it I guess. I sure wish it was this week though. We parked the truck on the street and stuck out into the on coming traffic but nobody seemed to care. Bill went into the local hardware store to buy a broom that he forgot back at our lot and the friendly people got him into a conversation about our truck. I started up the street to take a picture of the firemen washing their truck but as I got closer I saw that it wasn't the firemen but the prisoners that were doing the washing. I didn't think they would like me taking their pictures so I backed off. One thing Florida does though is put the prisoners to work. We have seen them weeding crops, cleaning along the roadsides and now washing firetrucks. I spotted a coffee shop next door to the hardware store and knew that is where Bill would head when he finished so I beat him to it and the owner was just finishing brewing a new pot of coffee for us. It was as good as Starbucks anytime. He told us where the worlds smallest police station was and where the visitors center was which are right across the street from each other. The police station is a phone booth and is the only police station. There is a phone inside where you can call a policeman and that is it. Cute. The people in the visitors center were just as nice as the people at the hardware store and the coffee shop. They told us all the things to see and do and on Saturday they are having a parade to honor all the veterans. We will be sure to go back for that and see the rest of the town. It sure looks interesting.

We had to drive about 20 miles east to get to the bridge to cross to St George Island and we got to see a lot on the way. Some of it was the destruction from the hurricanes and the re-building that is going on. When we got to the bridge there was a partial bridge along side for fishermen to use. We found the same thing on the other side. There were several Oyster boats our this morning and it looked like they were getting their fill. Oysters are really big here but I haven't found any that we like quite as much as in Washington State when we were at Garry and Jenny's campground. That will be hard to beat since it was our first time we had tried them.

After the 4 ½ mile bridge crossing we came to a stop sign where it was either right or left. We chose right first and went down the main road (almost the only road) and looked at all the houses etc. Height seems to be the way to go. Everyone has to keep building higher to see over the houses that go up right in front of you so you add another story and then put a stairway to the roof for your patio so you can see the gulf. Course everything is built on stilts so you are already up a floor before you even get your basement on. I just love seeing all the way people cope with their environment. We found a place to park and walked the beach first to the right and then to the left for quite some time before we started looking for a place for lunch. There were about five dolphins playing out there too. That was my first walk but Bill had already walked 2 miles before breakfast. We found a real cool place for lunch called the Blue Parrot. What a neat view. We sat outside and watched the Spring Breakers start to come alive after 12:00 and hit the beach. More and more started coming before we finished. They were having a good time but I wouldn't want to be there at 9:00 tonight. The margarita's were one of the best we've tasted but had I looked at the prices before ordering, I'm not sure we would have. $8.00 each is a lot for a drink with lunch. To make up for it we shared a shrimp lunch. Believe me there was plenty. We did another walk after we finished eating and then drove to the left all the way down the road to the state park. Boy were we impressed. It is seven miles of unspoiled sand dunes and beaches. All of the facilities are brand new and really done nicely. There is a campground at the very end but that was all filled up. Course we drove thru it anyway and checked it out. It really was nice right now but if it was raining it would have been a mess with nowhere for the water to go. We drove to the very end and then got out and started walking even further on the beach. I was on a quest for large sea shells and sand dollars. I found two very large shells that I plan on cleaning and using for melted butter with our lobsters and artichokes and we found four sand dollars. They were small ones but all the big ones were broken. That means we gotta try again. I kept on trying to find the live ones but no luck today . By the time we got back hours later I just knew we had walked a 10K but Bill insists it wasn't much more than 4 miles. BULL. I couldn't hurt this much in only 4 miles. Every bone in my back hurts and I even have charley horses in my feet this time. The nice thing is though is that there was no uphill. We came home and my face is as red as a lobsters, my hair bleached out to almost pure white and I know that is not my color and I have these funny little white streaks on my neck that didn't get any sun at all due to the wrinkles. That means I will have to lay out at the pool with my chin sticking up just to get sun in those lines. Whata' day. Be sure to come back tomorrow to see what we come up with next.

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